Ronaldo vs Crescina

martedì 25 dicembre 2007

Ronaldo torna in panchina_Ronaldo back on the bench

Ronaldo si prepara allo shooting dello spot, ormai si è cambiato ed è pronto per girare. Nell’attesa ammazza il tempo seduto in panchina…non quella del Milan!

Ronaldo is getting ready for the advertising shooting, now he wears the right clothes and is ready to shoot. In the meanwhile he waits sitting on a bench…not the Milan one!

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Anonimo ha detto...

Anyone know the diffrence between shaving your head and actually being bald? Ronaldo is a scam artist whos hoping to grab some headlines and a bountiful check for endorsing a product that he never needed, someone show me a photo of Ronaldo with an actual bald spot , you see the fact is this SWISS company is just as much to blame cause sooner or later someone like myself will go back and look at the videos of Ronaldo 5 years ago till now and realize that he only SHAVED his hair WHY ? perhaps a lot of reasons , but his hair is like a Gorilla, Super thick and out of control always,it takes a gallon of hot oil to keep that fro under control. Now if this Swiss Company wanted to impress the world for real they would have offered Z Zindane the contract, because as you look at his photos, his frontal scalp has hair but the rear portion has the round bald spot signifying male pattern baldness, if Zindane started to use this product and it worked to fill that spot in , the Swiss company would truly be on the frontline and their sales would globally skyrocket for obvious resons, however , using Ronaldo as a client , is a hoax that will be discovered ,make the papers and the Swiss company will lose millions on sales and lose their credability.Do the research yourself and look at the diffrence between ronaldo and Zindane, both shaving their heads, you can still see that Z Zindane had the halo effect on the rear of his scalp even though he shaved his head close, Ronaldo never , repeat never had this halo , therefore never suffered from hair loss, and its funny to seethis guy endorse the product like hes Antonio Banderas, thinking hes all hot with girls all around him , his hair is soo thick in the back and oiled up it looks like hes wearing a WIG, judge for yourself everyone look at the videos of Ronaldo 5 or 10 years ago and tell me , and then look at Zindane and compare…the swiss Company even if the product works has tryed to pull a fast one on the european community, thinking were stupid, shame on them, they should have got real clients if the product is that good like Hans the singer from the Scorpoions, or Phil Collins, real people who suffer from hair loss, not a guy who has hair like King Kong…His whole life, thats why he shaved his head, cause people woulmd have named him Kong instead of Ronaldo